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Jocassee Lake House

I had the wonderful privilege of painting this family lake house at Lake Jocassee!  Precious family with great memories from this house built by their grandfather.

Deck Those Walls! Art Walk, November 17th 6-9 Art Lounge, 500 East Main, Spartanburg

Come say Hi!img_314750048336827__b645e056-fcdd-4df3-b021-9ff49c0caff3

Black Caddie Corner

The Black Caddie Corner is heading to ARTFIELDS in the pretty little town of Lake City, South Carolina.  She will be in the Seven Boutique on Main Street, April 24th through May 2nd.  I will be there on the first of May so come by and say hi.  To vote you need to register at the ArtFields office on main and then text her number 243114.  Lots of Art and lots of

Rainey’s A-H Sprite

This was done for a dear college friend’s Mom, who is THE Coolest Mama. Famously known as “Happy Raines” the Indian Princess on TV years ago. She won many trophies for her car and lots of good memories. So fun to paint and think of her scooting around the countryside with Liz!

Alyson and Andrew’s Commission

This is the cutest couple and they wanted something for their dining room. I had so much fun going to their house and getting to know them and “Roscoe”. We staged their table , took lots of pictures and had fun changing things around. Andrew has a wonderful collection of beer glasses and I was thrilled when they picked the picture with the pirate skull in it and Alyson’s napkin holders from her Mom.

upcoming exhibits

40th Annual Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg Juried Show, September 3rd through October 13th, 2013, “Black Caddie Corner”
Uncork the Fun!, Chickens at the Art Lounge, 500 East Main, Spartanburg, S.C. October 10th, 2013

Nice Legs

I have a friend who is a frequent visitor of Cuba and is always bringing back great pictures for me to paint.  The Cuban Sicar and Oldsmobile plus these flamingos all came from her pictures.  I think that she should sell her photos but I am so enjoying painting them.  Thanks, Lindsey! P.S. I just love how the guy flamingo is looking at the girl flamingo….is she blushing?

Charlie Davidson

Charlie is absolutely “The Coolest” and when I was asked to do something for Charlie ( a benefit for Sloan Ketterling Neuroblastoma)I was in the middle of painting this red Harley.  Charlie’s Dad happens to be David so…..Charlie Davidson. It is absolutely one of my favorites as is Charlie….who is now almost as tall as me!!!!!

HD 95

People ask me all the time if I ride……I have never even sat on a Harley but am absolutely fascinated with the colors. I think that the people think that I am looking at them but I am really looking at the bike. I am so very colorblind and maybe that is what attracts me to the colors and reflections.

Olive’s Softail

I had to title this Olive’s Softail because I was babysitting my new grandpuppy Olive.  She is a Softhaired Wheaton Terrier and the cutest thing you have ever seen!  Of coarse all of my grandpuppies are cute but Olive (Ken calls her Chewbacka from Star Wars) is adorable and the only girl! She sat next to me while I painted most of this Harley…so I felt that it rightfully should be titled after her and her softail! Ha.